Why is Therapy Billing Services Right For Me?

It's professional

We only work with therapists that are licensed, accredited professionals

It's affordable

Therapy Billing Services processes insurance coverage and private pay options to keep you focused on therapy at a low fixed cost

It's convenient

Do it at your own time and at your own pace. Communicate with your representative as often as you need

Save time and money

Leveraging Technology

Maximizing Revenue

We are an effective, cost saving extension of therapy practices with a goal of increasing receivables.  Whether you use a third-party service or do it in house, our integrated, comprehensive service provides therapy practices with more accurate billing, lower fees and increased savings of up to 5% over their current billing costs.  Our priority is to maximize revenue that far exceeds costs.

Since we exclusively bill for therapy practices, our priority is maximizing reimbursements for services rendered


At Therapy Billing Services, our vision is for therapists to provide comprehensive and compassionate care to clients of all ages and not have to worry about the financial stress of private practice billing. Therapy is a collaborative process that allows you to establish goals and develop realistic ways to achieve your goals with your clients. When presenting the issue of collections or billing in therapy, this sometimes creates situations that are not conducive to the therapy you are providing. We strive to create a degree of separation for your client with the financial aspects so you can provide more effective therapy

Notable in mental health billing

Medicare is now covered for telehealth sessions! Contact us for a free trial to help lessen the cancellations and fill the care gap. 269.443.0099. Information for Therapists

See the official bill here

Therapist friends, reach out for 30 days free for EMR and unlimited video sessions to help lessen the effects of the in person cancellations. They are a great local company in the Southwest Michigan area. therapyapphome.com

Click here to see practice guidance for COVID-19 from the American Psychiatrists Association 

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Simple and Secure

Therapy Billing Services is a fully HIPAA compliant and secure service designed specifically for you